Justice Services - Youth

GoodLeaders Program

GoodLeaders is a youth violence prevention program funded through the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Jim Moran Foundation. Gulfstream Goodwill Industries has partnered with Palm Beach Lakes Community High School to bring the GoodLeaders Program on site at their location.

Students who participate in the GoodLeaders program learn life and employment skills through a series of modules covering topics such as: motivation, conflict resolution, time management, organizational skills, interviewing skills, mock interviews and more. The youth receive individual and group mentoring; they learn how to navigate public transportation through supervised transportation trips; and they plan and participate in a Service Learning Project.

Students who participate in this program are ages 13 to 18 and must complete a minimum of five modules, two transportation trips and one service learning project to successfully complete the program.

Upon completion of the program, youth participate in a graduation ceremony in which they receive a Certificate of Completion and an incentive. This important program empowers youth, builds independence and self-esteem, and equips youth with the skills needed in life to pursue post-secondary education and seek and retain employment.

Alternatives to Secure Detention

The Alternatives to Secure Detention (ATSD) Program allows minimum risk youth sentenced to a detention setting to be redirected to their own community with support and supervision.

Youth who are determined to be minimum risk are released by the judge to the ATSD Program. Gulfstream Goodwill’s case mangers monitor and mentor the youth, visiting them and their families at their homes and schools. During the first week of monitoring, the case manager meets with the program participant for seven consecutive days, setting goals and introducing the participant to the program. After the first week, case managers meet with participants three times per week or more frequently if needed.

Twice monthly, ATSD youth participate in activities designed to enhance social skills, life skills and improve self-esteem and motivation. Some of these activities include guest speakers, educational modules, movie nights and game nights. During holidays and other school closures, participants enjoy outings such as fishing, bowling and skating.

Families and ATSD participants are offered a variety of services, such as academic remediation, psychological evaluations, support services and academics.

Goodwill Juvenile Justice Programs

Back to a Future

Goodwill’s Back to a Future (BTAF) Program is funded through the Palm Beach County Public Safety Department. The program was created for youth returning home to Palm Beach County from a residential commitment program. The goal of the BTAF Program is to reduce recidivism by providing youth with services that will help make them successful. The program begins at the time of commitment, continues through the transition period (60 days before release) and follows the youth back into the community. Youth are eligible if they are enrolled before the birthday on which they turn 18, are moderate to high risk to recidivate and are returning to Palm Beach County.

The need for programs and services is determined for each youth individually, based on an assessment. A case plan is developed while the youth is still in commitment; referrals to services are done before release or upon release into the community. All youth are provided with comprehensive case management to assist them in accessing services and supports ranging from transitional housing to community service hours or mental health/mentoring services and pro-social activities.

Gulfstream Goodwill Industries' services to BTAF participants include case management, life skills training, Goodwill Works (job readiness), educational assistance and employment services.

Gulfstream Goodwill is pleased to work collaboratively with community partners to deliver comprehensive services to youth in the BTAF Program.


For more information about our youth justice services, please contact Director of Justice Services Jessica Hidalgo at (561) 848-7200, ext. 2284, or jwally@gulfstreamgoodwill.org.