Homeless and Residential Services


Homeless Residential Programs

Gulfstream Goodwill's Homeless Residential Programs provide safe, comfortable housing for homeless individuals with disabilities.

  • Priority is given to those who are chronic substance users, veterans and persons diagnosed with severe mental illness.
  • All programs offer case management; life skills, substance abuse and financial budgeting education; and job placement assistance.
Goodwill Homeless and Residential Services

Gulfstream Goodwill currently manages five homeless residential programs and the Senator Philip D. Lewis Center:

Project Succeed, New Avenues, Beacon Place, Beacon Place 2 and Home at J Street provide long-term supportive housing to single adults who are chronically homeless with a disability. These programs serve 133 chronically homeless individuals within the community. Referrals are accepted from the Palm Beach County Homeless Services Program and The Senator Philip D. Lewis Center.

The Senator Philip D. Lewis Center is a Palm Beach County homeless resource center provided through a unique partnership led by Gulfstream Goodwill Industries. Click here for more information about the Lewis Center.

For additional information, please call Senior Director of Residential Programs Paula Giordano at (561) 848-7200, ext. 2296.